Stay true to our beliefs.

We are not a “bandwagon” company. Never a follower. Always an innovator. We choose to blaze our own path and strive to always be the lead dog in the pet food industry.

Only use high-quality, responsibly sourced ingredients

Our pets are family members. As a pet parent the pet food industry can be difficult to navigate and as a member of the family they deserve to eat high quality food that will give them the best chance for a long life with minimal health issues.

Formulate to create an optimum nutritional environment in the body – at the cellular level.

It is our belief that poor health and diseases are directly tied to deficiencies in this environment. SquarePet formulations supply the appropriate molecules from nature to the dog and cat which support their body’s inherent self-protective and self-healing ability resulting in longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Keep it naturally simple.

Each ingredient in every SquarePet formula serves a specific nutritional and/or health purpose. We don’t add “foo foo” ingredients to make our label look better. Wholesome ingredients and nothing else. No chemical preservatives, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors.

Safe manufacturing.

Manage the manufacturing process to protect the ingredients – and their inherent essential factors – from damage.

Do no harm.

Our version of the Hippocratic Oath provides that every measure that can be taken, will be taken to keep your pet safe.