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Get More Tail...Mail know more than the pet owners next door.

Veterinarian Formulated Pet Nutrition.

Healthy, all-natural pet nutrition developed by veterinary professionals using only the highest quality & responsibly sourced ingredients.
Buddy, Tampa Bay, Florida

Gobbled it right down!

I started feeding my picky Shihtzu your VFS Hydrolyzed pork food and was amazed when he gobbled it right down! I have been trying different quality foods for awhile with no success. He would turn his nose up at most or eat once and not again. So excited to finally find a dry kibble he'll eat quickly!

Buddy's Human

Cappuccino "Cappi" , Minnesota

Forever Grateful!

Our 2.5 year old bernese mountain dog has severe food allergies and autoimmune disease. We have now been supplementing him with VFS Low Fat since December, he certainly has been loving his new kibble. We are forever grateful to you and your family for putting out such a thoughtful and healthy product for our fur babies.

The Gardeck Family - Andrew, Erin, Moka
Cappuccino "Cappi" 's Human

Belle, Austin, Texas

Belle Loves Her SquarePet!

Belle is a very picky eater but she loves her SquarePet food and absolutely gobbles it up when it hits the bowl. The high meat in the Turkey & Chicken Formula has kept her fit and trim. I love that the company is family owned and that a vet formulates the food.

Belle's Human

Tracy, Fresno, California

No More Hot Spots!

Tracy had food allergies that left her with itchy hot spots. We tried veterinary prescription foods but nothing seemed to work until a friend told us about SquarePet and their VFS line. We tried it on Tracy and the after a few weeks she stopped itching and the hot spots cleared up. I would highly recommend this product.

Tracy's Human

Dezmo, Seattle, Washington

Square Egg was the only thing that worked!

My name is Xavier and your food changed my dog’s and my life for the better. Please read Dezmo's Story HERE

Dezmo's Human

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