Frequently Asked Questions

Where are SquarePet products sold?

SquarePet products are primarily offered in independent Pet specialty retailers. We are available online at select locations presence but pledge to always adhere to our pricing policy. Where to buy?

How can I find a SquarePet retailer in my area?

Please check out our Where to Buy retailer locator (LINK) We are actively trying to grow our retail network so if you have a neighborhood store you would like to have carry SquarePet please let us know here and let the store know as well.

Do you offer a Frequent Buyer program?

We offer SquarePet Rewards program through many of our retailers. If you wish to participate in this program please confirm with your Retailer that they offer the SquarePet Frequent Buyer Program. Each time you purchase a bag at a participating retailer, the purchase is automatically recorded. After the purchase of 12 bags you will receive a 13th bag of equal or lesser value free from your retailer.

Where are SquarePet products produced?

All SquarePet diets are made in Minnesota USA within a facility that is SQF certified.  This certification incorporates all aspects of food safety including process safety controls, ingredient supplier audits, and equipment/product microbial testing.  All SquarePet diets are “test and hold” meaning that they undergo nutritional and microbial laboratory testing before they are released to the market.