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At SquarePet, we want to make it a point to show your feline some love each and every day by feeding them a food that nourishes them. Our mission is to provide all pets with the optimal balance of nutrients, so they feel their best.

Even though humans have been creating a variety of cat food for decades, many choices may not provide optimum nutrition. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they must eat meat in their diet to stay healthy. However, domestic cats have evolved to handle increased levels of carbs in their diets.

So, then why are diets high in carbs bad for cats? It appears that when cats are fed foods that are higher in carbohydrates, they develop cravings for them – just like people do for fast food. Studies have also shown that cats will select their diet on a macronutrient profile, analyzing ingredients such as protein, fat and carbs. Cats, given the choice, chose diets heavier in proteins and fat over those higher in carbs. What does this tell us? It tells us that cats are not just carnivores by choice but by genetics.

Another downfall of feeding your cat a diet heavy in carbohydrates is that coupled with a lack of exercise it can lead to obesity. Feline obesity can harm your cat’s health in a myriad of ways but also predisposes your cat to diabetes mellitus, or feline diabetes.

Besides helping to prevent diabetes, feeding your cat a diet high in meat and low in carbs has actually been shown as an option to help manage feline diabetes. These results are based on a lower carb diet promoting weight loss while lowering postprandial blood glucose levels. And this high meat, low carb feeding also allows your cat to shed unwanted pounds while maintaining muscle tone.

Now, all science aside, you want your cat to enjoy and want to eat their meals. That’s where the health benefits sometimes don’t outweigh the fact that your cat won’t eat the healthiest food available. Here’s the good news: high meat, low carb diets are extremely palatable to most cats due to what is needed for their physiology.

SquarePet’s nutrition helps to ensure your cat stays healthy, avoids diabetes, and retains more of their muscle mass as they age. We understand you have many options for cat food, however, let us explain why SquarePet is the best option:

  • Our Turkey & Chicken Feline Formula is high-meat, ultra-low-carb that contain less than 11% net carbohydrates
  • 98% of the formula’s protein is from cage free turkey, chicken, whole eggs and salmon
  • Unlike other conventional diets, our feline formulas are highly digestible
  • Our meals also include superfoods with prebiotic, probiotic, and fiber sources

SquarePet encourages a proactive approach to your cat’s health through the correct nutrition for their physiology. Diets high in protein should be a part of any healthy cat diet but don’t hesitate to consult with your veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns.

Find our tasty feline foods at any of SquarePet’s independent retailers or visit our products page to learn even more.

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