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New Year Nutrition

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Every new year, there are tons of “get healthy” movements as people try to adhere to their resolutions – sticking to healthy diets, cutting out added sugars, or creating a workout routine. Have you ever stopped to think about making your pet’s start to the new year a healthy one as well? SquarePet can help you and your best friend start off the new year right with perfect nutrition.

We treat our pets like family and want the best for them but, let’s be honest, we also crave convenience. Enter SquarePet. We have the most solidly nutritious dog and cat meals on the market in both wet and kibble forms, and our bags and cans can be found in your local pet store! Our veterinarian-formulated recipes offer a wide variety of flavors and helpful nutrients for issues like sensitive stomachs or skin.

Our recipes are created by veterinarians, informed by decades of industry knowledge , and contain the highest quality ingredients, but they also taste great! Our foods are incredibly palatable and your pet will beg for their dinner like it’s a treat. Explore SquarePet’s current recipes below.


Square Egg (Canine)

Square Egg is an industry first, perfect protein recipe for dogs. Square Egg’s innovative formula features whole cage-free eggs and whey protein as the #1 and #2 ingredients – the highest quality, most bioavailable protein ingredients known to man!

Square Egg is a perfect choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs.  Egg and whey protein are exceptionally easy to digest. This great tasting meal can also be incorporated into a rotational feeding program – adding egg is part of a well balanced diet for humans and dogs!  Square Egg is 100% complete and balanced intended for puppies or adult dogs of all breeds and sizes. Results of independent feeding trials showed that Square Egg is preferred over premium meat-based protein diets. Simply put, this recipe is eggcellent for inspiring a healthy routine.

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VFS Skin & Digestive Support (Canine)

VFS Skin & Digestive Support is a unique, limited ingredient diet made with hydrolyzed pork – high-quality pork meat that’s naturally broken down into nano-sized components.

The hydrolyzed pork makes our VFS Skin & Digestive Support exceptionally digestible and potentially beneficial for dogs who have ingredient sensitivities or food allergies. As with all of our formulas, VFS Skin & Digestive Support also includes important ratios of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, Vitamin E and guaranteed levels of DHA & EPA to promote healthy skin and coat for your pup. SquarePet VFS Skin & Digestive Support may just be what the doctor ordered to kick start 2020.

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Turkey & Chicken High-Meat, Low-Carb Diets (Canine & Feline) 

These recipes are constructed to match the nutrition and wholesomeness of raw feeding — but in a convenient and safe kibble form. SquarePet’s Turkey & Chicken Formula is made with 96% protein from turkey, chicken, salmon and eggs and has less than 14% carbohydrates. 

This formula is highly-digestible, includes superfoods and provides dietary fiber sources in an ultra-low carbohydrate meal. Unlike most of the popular diets on the market, we do not add peas, legumes or other low-quality protein sources. SquarePet Turkey & Chicken is an easy way to get your pet off on the right paw this year.

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96% Meat Formulas – A Convenient Raw Alternative (Canine)

SquarePet 96% canned diets are all meat recipes fortified with vitamins and minerals for complete and balanced feeding. These beautifully simple formulas are made with single source, animal-based proteins plus vitamins and minerals. SquarePet 96% can be used as a meal, as a topper for your SquarePet kibble or even as a supplement to raw feeding or home-cooking.

This super tasty recipe is great for picky eaters or those who prefer wet food to kibble in general. SquarePet 96% comes in a variety of flavors your pet will beg to try.
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All of our delicious, veterinarian-formulated meals can be bought at any of our independent retailers as well as on our website. Don’t forget to sign up for SquarePet emails to stay squarely in the know about your pet’s nutrition.  We look forward to sharing a healthy square bowl with you in 2020!

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